Racing helmet: professional race helmets (discount)

Buying a racing helmet

Want to buy racing helmet for karting or motorsport? Then take a look at the helmets from Zamp Helmets! This is the fastest growing racing helmet company and has a wide range of helmets. You can go there for helmets with the FIA ​​and Snell approval, which already have a design or are still white / carbon. In this article we will tell you more about it and give you a number of examples. When purchasing, use the discount code below for a 10% discount:

Discount code Zamp Helmet: RICK10

What is important when buying a Racing Helmet?

First of all, of course, safety. A helmet is for the safety of you as a driver. You want good material to protect your body and the helmet is the most important. A helmet must therefore fit well on your head. You will always find a good size chart on the Zamp Helmets website, so you can be sure that you purchase the right size. Take into account the inspections required in your racing class (for example from FIA / Snell).

A beautiful design

Of course, the eye also wants something, a helmet has now become the showcase of a racing driver. For example, you can choose to purchase a white racing helmet, so that you can have your own design made on it. In this case you are unique as a rider and you decide for yourself which colors, lines and logos are on it. Finish the helmet with a neat visor or nice spoiler (available at Zamp Helmets). At Zamp Helmets, however, you can also opt for a helmet that already has a spectacular design; then you don’t have to do anything about it anymore and you immediately have a nice helmet. You can of course personalize this helmet by adding a visor or a spoiler here.

White racing helmets examples

As we just mentioned, you can purchase white helmets at Zamp Helmets. However, several models are available in this. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Zamp RZ 18H

We start with the Zamp RZ 18H; an entry level Open-Face auto racing helmet with SA2020 certification that offers maximum comfort and quality and a hugely competitive price. The RZ-18H includes M6 terminals for easy installation of head and neck restraint hardware.

Zamp RZ 35E

The Zamp RZ-35E helmet is an absolute stand out helmet within the ZAMP range. Offering both Snell SA-2015 / FIA 8859-2015 homologations this racing helmet is loaded with features.

Zamp RZ 56

The Zamp RZ-56 helmet combines the latest Snell SA2020 helmet technology with quality design to provide the absolute best value helmet in the market! This model provides minimal front venting with a sleek and simple design to aid staying cool and prevent fogging in extreme racing conditions

More helmets for motorsports

Would you like more information about the racing helmets from Zamp Helmets? Then view their website, there you will find all helmets with the corresponding information. Go for Zamp; the fastest growing company in the world of karting and motorsport. Don’t forget to use my discount code for Zamp Helmets while ordering:

Discount code: RICK10

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