Zamp Helmets discount code: enjoy discount!

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Zamp Helmets discount code

Are you looking for a discount code for Zamp Helmets? Then use my code that you will find below for a 10% discount on the purchase of your Zamp Racing Helmet (valid for the entire order):

Discount code: DENHARTOG10

About Zamp Helmets

Zamp Helmets is the fastest growing company in the world of racing helmets. They supply all kinds of helmets, especially for karting and motorsport. These helmets have a good price-quality ratio and you can also purchase various accessories. Think of spoilers and different colored visors. 

They also offer matching racing suits, gloves and shoes. You complete your outfit by purchasing a Zamp cap or a Zamp helmet bag.

Zamp Helmets X Rick den Hartog

Zamp Helmets and Rick den Hartog (owner of Den Hartog Racing) have a nice collaboration to allow Zamp Helmets to grow further, especially in the Benelux. Rick himself wears the Zamp Helmet RZ 70E Switch White with a blue visor and a transparent rear spoiler.

In collaboration with Zamp Helmets EU, Rick is giving away a 10% discount code (DENHARTOG10) that anyone can use. With this he brings Zamp Helmets even better to the attention of the race drivers.

Buying a Zamp Helmet with discount

As we just mentioned, there are different types of helmets available. For example, you can choose a white helmet (on which you can have your own design sprayed) or a helmet that already has a cool design. The helmets are approved for use in racing, click on the helmet for all specifications or view the complete range here.

Zamp RZ 44CE

The Zamp RZ 44CE is one of the most popular models from Zamp Helmets. This carbon helmet is FIA and therefore approved for many classes. You can get this helmet in several colors and you can also pimp it with a colored visor.

Zamp RZ 65D

The Zamp RZ 65D is a lightweight carbon fiber helmet with a Snell SA2020 approval. You can also purchase this helmet in a completely carbon look. Again, you can of course add spoilers and other visors to make it your own style.

Zamp RZ 62

The Zamp RZ 62 is an example of a helmet with a unique design. This helmet is not made of carbon and is therefore cheaper to purchase. Nevertheless, this is an approved helmet for racing. This helmet is also available in different colors, so that it fits perfectly with your racing outfit or vehicle.

Use the Zamp Helmets discount code

Do not forget to use my discount code DENHARTOG10 when purchasing for a 10% discount on your entire order. You can use this code once per order and it is valid on the total amount. That makes a big difference!

My Zamp discount code: DENHARTOG10

I wish you a lot of fun choosing a helmet and of course a lot of racing fun! You will certainly not regret your purchase!

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