Costs Race Academy (English)


The most economical way of karting as a sport

The Race Academy is the most economical way to go karting as a sport. Everything is included in the costs below, including all guidance from very experienced karters and the rental of the kart and clothing. There are no hidden costs that you will encounter as a member. The costs are explained further below the red-grey table.

Costs for members

Contribution per month
  • Kart lessons Tilburg and Rucphen: € 29,99 (first for free!)
  • Kart lessons Amsterdam, Delft, Veenendaal, Apeldoorn, Enschede, Zwolle and Roosendaal: € 32,50 (first for free!)
  • Kart lessons Lemiers: € 35,00 (first for free!)
  • Club races: € 59,99 - € 69,99
  • Other activities: t.b.d.

Extra explanation costs

Contribution costs

As a member you pay a monthly contribution of € 9.50. For this you get the opportunity to participate in the very advantageous activities and you always benefit from a 10% discount on products in our webshop.

Karting lessons costs

Each kart lesson costs € 29.99 – € 35,00 (this includes everything, including the rental of the kart and guidance). A karting lesson lasts 1.5 hours in which you are actually karting for about 30 minutes. The remaining time is used for explanations, preparation, getting in and out, etc. You will notice that as a participant you are constantly busy. 30 minutes of karting equals 3 ‘kartheats’. For comparison: driving 3 separate kart heats at a kart track (so without guidance) costs in most cases between € 45.00 and € 60.00.

Club races costs

The club races cost between €59,99 and €69,99. These are a bit more expensive because we provide more track officials and there is a memento for everyone. In addition, we organize this on Saturdays (which is a busy day for go-kart tracks). It is a choice to participate in the club races.

Other activities costs

For the other activities, the exact costs will be determined in more detail. Think, for example, of our Kart Camps. It is also always a choice to participate in, you are never obliged.

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Kartlessen voor jeugd

Eerste kartles gratis!

Word lid en race op verschillende locaties door Nederland. De Race Academy is de meest voordelige manier van karten als sport.

Geen eigen kart of spullen nodig; alles is bij de prijs inbegrepen.

Jouw eerste kartles ontvang je gratis en het lidmaatschap is op elk moment kosteloos opzegbaar, race je mee?

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